In summer 2014, New Zealander Nick Stone and Colorado native Dani Cichon met as volunteers in South America. There, on a Peruvian rooftop, they wrote their first of many together - a song that would one day become South for Winter’s first single, “Fallen Seeds.”


After years spent pursuing separate musical projects oceans apart, Stone and Cichon joined up in Christchurch, New Zealand as a duo. Later moving the project to Nashville TN, they met cellist Alex Stradal, who rounded out the eclectic blend of instrumentation and vocals that has become so characteristic of their music. With Stradal in the lineup, the sound and entity of South for Winter were born.


Often described as “folk-blues," "folk-jazz," or “Renaissance,” South for Winter's songs are intoned with a depth of emotion and richness of experience that invites listeners into the story - eager and anxious in turn with each verse. In a landscape saturated with incredible songwriters and musicians, South for Winter have developed a sound all of their own. With meticulously crafted lyrics, captivating natural charisma, and an impressive assortment of instruments at their command, South for Winter have time and time again established themselves as a crowd favorite.


In 2018 South for Winter were nominated as a rising artist by Nashville’s top independent radio station, Lightning 100, and soon after chosen as an Emerging Artist at Falcon Ridge Festival. In March 2019, South for Winter began the recording of their debut album at the renowned Tracking Room studio in Nashville with Grammy-nominated producer Matt Leigh. The much-anticipated full album is set to be released in 2020.

- Sam Gilbert, talent manager of Rock Castle's listening room series


"[South for Winter] have created an adept, genre-blending style of music that seems like it would’ve taken years to perfect. You’ll hear folk, blues, jazz, and gypsy music in what they do, with Stradal’s mournful cello undergirding Stone’s and Cichon’s weaving vocal harmonies through tight, complex rhythms that never become inaccessible" 

– Greenville Journal, 2018

"[South for Winter's] music is polished and well-produced, the vocals are smooth and engaging, and the tracks are clearly the product of careful intention and creative vision. South for Winter is definitely a band to keep on the radar!"

– Out from the Pine Box blog, 2018

"South for Winter has a new fan in me"

- Tony Arata (writer of Garth Brooks' The Dance), 2019

"South for Winter will warm your soul with their earthy vocals and delectable harmonies...the group shimmers and shines through a blend of folk, gypsy, jazz, and blues music, creating carefully crafted stories that draw listeners into their glowing depths" 

Musical Notes Global, 2019